VW Camper Vans When They Became Popular In the UK

After a glorious 63 year run, the iconic VW camper van that was synonymous with camping for many a Brit family, was announced that its production would come to a halt. The news were delivered in the month of September of 2013.

As of December 31st (2013) the last VW camper van rolled out of production in its then only remaining VW factory that made Camper vans in Brazil. Since the Camper’s launch in 1950 and branded the Type 2 transporter, it’s on record that well over 12 million campers have been sold worldwide.

Its popularity in the UK caught on due to the car’s reliability, ease of maintenance and its instantaneous loyal fan base which led to the camper van earning the nickname “Kombi” which is a German Contraction “Kombinationsfahrzeug” that translates to; Cargo passenger vehicle.

VW Camper Vans Aspects

A sizeable number of British as well as worldwide enthusiasts suggest that to keep your camper van working properly for many years, its best that you make sure that the van isn’t driven over 50mph and allow it to rest every few hours after a long drive.

These are suggestions given out to the lucky lot of people in possession of a camper van and want the van to last for another 60+ years. Below we discuss a few aspects that made transporters (Camper van) popular in the United Kingdom…

Splitties: These are camper vans known as so due to the vertical strut installed down at the middle of the windscreen. The Splitties were the first models that were built in 1950 all the way to 1967.  These are the first generation of the camper van

Bays: Vee-dubs as they are popularly acknowledged as, dispense with a split windscreen and are recognized as the bay window version camper van. This is the second generation whose production began in 1967 and ceased in 1979.

Bricks/Wedges: Their production was introduced in 1979 and they had a squarer look. They became the third camper van generation. More and more models were introduced to the camper van enthusiasts after the production for this particular model’s production shifted base from Germany to its South African manufacturing firm and finally in Brazil.

Unfortunately, Brazil manufacturing plant failed to meet new health and safety regulations which led to the end of production of the glorious camper van.

The 60s

This is the era that the United Kingdom truly embraced the camper van’s versatility and affordability. Many British families as well as hippies adopt the camper van as an ideal means of transportation for everyday use and camping purposes.

Any individual that wanted to lead an alternative lifestyle on a budget, the camper van which earned the nickname Vee-dub accorded owners the perfect space for living in, working in and playing in. Many a party and babies were created in this Volkswagen model during the 60s.


There is an annual BusFest that premiers at the Malvern Showground in Worcestershire which draws well over twenty five thousand Kombi owners derived from different countries. The festival is usually filled by owners that come from three generation of Kombi enthusiasts.

Well over four thousand attendees show up in their camper vans and spend the entire weekend on site. The 60s is the decade that the English fell in love with the camper van and ever since the Volkswagen camper van has become synonymous with many British car owners and lovers.





Most Popular Volkswagen Models in the UK

Mention the brand Volkswagen to any Brit who owns a car and you will get a “properly Built Vehicle Model” recognition. Given that it’s a German car that competes against other big German manufacturers (Mercedes-Benz and BMW), VW is responsible for levitating engineering, building vehicles that are a reliable standard for every day vehicles.

Then again, Volkswagen builds durable vehicles that outlive other rival brands. Their genuine parts and genius models are the reason why the below mentioned Volkswagen models become a big Hit in the United Kingdom…


If you are looking to drive in a modern VW, then the Scirocco is the car for you. With its innovative chassis, and an interior design that invites you in. Everything is bolted together elegantly and it’s luxury and comfort is top notch.

Its room in the back (The back seats) is generous and accommodates even a person with a larger frame without them having to squeeze in. The boot of the car is of ample size. The front passenger and driving positions are spot on. The modern controls in the car are to die for!

With an affordable price tag that is in the range of £20k, the Scirocco is a popular car model on UK roads.

The New Polo GTI

This is a car model that carries on the banner from its predecessors.  The car model is not only stable, surefooted, it is also well composed. As the famed trio from British motoring program BBC Top Gear agree; “The New Polo GTI is a confidence inspiring model vehicle that is a doodle to drive briskly”.

The ride is firm as this make of car allows the driver to steer light delivering quick and precise commands. Its front Axle is now better resolved than in the previous models making it an easy ride to handle for both younger and senior citizens.

The reasonable price tag and durability of the car in general are some of the things that makes the Polo GTI remain to be a popular car model on UK and indeed many European roads.


The car model is reassuringly beautifully crafted. Its finish is done to exacting standards a point that attracts many buyers. The driving position is priceless and all instruments and controls are as clear and extremely attractive as you would expect to find in any VW model.

Another feature that attracts buyers to the Polo it’s well-defined in car entertainment. The car’s touch screen mirrors your Android phone granting you access to every application on your phone. This is a small car that has room for 4 and a half people to drive in comfort.

Its engines are clean and frugal, the price tag is affordable too. The Make and model of this car is long-lasting making the car a model that is loved by drivers of all ages.


Yet another popular Volkswagen Model in the United Kingdom. The car’s reasonable price, average CC and outstanding fuel consumption, not forgetting its durability are some of the things that makes this car stand out!